Send More Men - Collective Remembrance


“Send More Men.” “Take Up the Sword of Justice.” “Keep All Canadians Busy.”

Messages like these proclaimed from brightly coloured lithographed posters, confronted Canadians daily for five years during the First World War. Displayed at eye level, in store windows and one factory walls and buildings, these lithographs very effectively persuaded, informed and inspired the citizenry.

Discover a fascinating collection of prints that played a prominent role in moulding public attitudes during a time when there was no Twitter or television, and even radio was still a dream. Alongside thirty images of these posters, curator Mora Dianne O’Neill’s essay details their importance as historical documents that shaped public attitudes and reveal the collective memory of the war years.

  • Soft cover
  • 40 pages
  • Publisher Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (2014)
  • ISBN 978-1-55457-631-9
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x10 in