Maud Lewis Greeting Cards

  • 5x7 inches
  • Blank inside
  • White Envelope included


Maud Lewis (1903 - 1970) had no formal training in the visual arts. Like many folk artists, she painted for the joy of adding colour, light, and fun to a poverty-stricken rural existence in Digby County, Nova Scotia. Maud’s tiny painted house, together with her artworks and painted artifacts, are on permanent exhibition in the Scotiabank Maud Lewis Gallery at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Permanent Collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia collects, preserves, and exhibits visual arts for the benefit of residents and visitors to Nova Scotia. Over 17,000 works are currently in the Permanent and Study Collections. New works are added by donation, bequest, and purchase.